Chris Kiffason

is doing it in a dress

Chris's Goal $1,255 $1,200 $1,200
4 girls educated!

I'm wearing a
school dress because

I thought I don't look stupid enough running in my normal attire and my first marathon was way too easy in my preferred running shorts

My Supporters

$55 from Damien Ditchburn
Go kiffa boi!!!!!
$43 from Paul Ferrett
Go Kiffa!!!
$20 from Angela Simonetta
$55 from Timi Delahunty
$30 from Angelina Zoch
$55 from Anonymous Donor
Gotta look after the girls mate
$10 from Paul Dickeson
$55 from Ashley Hargreaves
$55 from Liam Cameron
$12 from Anonymous Donor
$10 from Anonymous Donor
$10 from Anonymous Donor
$10 from Anonymous Donor
love from Nan and Pa
$55 from Anonymous Donor
You're awesome xx
$100 from Anonymous Donor
Run Kiffa, Run
$30 from Channy Jones
Good on you Kiff! What a nice thing to do!!
$50 from Sheryll Bird
Go Kiffa so proud of you
$15 from Anonymous Donor
Hope this little bit helps! Good cause...Go Girl Power
$15 from Lisa Hooper
$15 from Aimee Akkermans
Good job kiffa!
$30 from Anonymous Donor
$30 from Sarah Rodda
What a great way to raise money for charity :)
$55 from Gavin Ballard
Good luck Kiffa!
$55 from Daniel Thompson
Good luck you legend!
$55 from Dan Kircher
I'm just donating so I can stand on the side lines and watch you do all the work but then as you cross the finish line I can grab anyone else that's donated and hold them tight and scream we've done it! We won! With out our donations he would never of got
$55 from Anonymous Donor
Legend onya mate.
$30 from Jodie Gibson
Can't wait for your dress rehearsal Chris ,
$55 from Paul Ferrett
Good on you mate!
$55 from Anonymous Donor
$50 from Anonymous
This is a cause close to my heart. Best wishes Chris. Please be sure your dress is pretty :)
$20 from Jessica Singh
Go Kiffa!!!
$10 from Paul Dickeson
More to come
$55 from Stephen Waterson
Love your effort bud. A great way to raise awareness for a charity.

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Just $300 provides an education for one girl in Africa.

Chris has made $55 more than their goal.




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School awesomisation

Making schools safe for girls (and boys), building new classrooms and toilets.

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Lack of sanitary products can keep girls out of school. LaunchPad changes that, and empowers female entrepreneurs too.

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