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I believe that girls deserve to be able to have access to an education. When we started the organisation nearly 7 years ago, our aim was to provide as many girls with access to education as possible. Since then, the One Girl community have made significant inroads with many girls being able to go to school and many more accessing short courses. We have made a difference and our work is impacting many people. Though many girls face not being able to go to high school, making them susceptible to early marriage, assault and pregnancy. Imagine being 12 years old, married, pregnant and no access to education or a different life.

Education breaks the cycle and provides a different path. Every child should have the right and access to an education.


July 22, 2017

Training for the half marathon

So sliding on fake grass at futsal caused lots of pain and delayed training for the half marathon! 

Today I dusted off the dress and got back out there. We did an easy run of 5kms from Lennox Head forshore to the Point and back. 

Got a lot of stange looks from people, who clearly had never seen a man running in a school dress before! C'mon people, isn't this mainstream yet? 

Am hoping to inspire some people in Lennox Head to do something in a dress! 

So while it was only 5kms, it felt good and set a slow but steady pace. 

12 weeks til the half marathon! 

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Go Marty!!
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