Millicent Sarre

is doing it in a dress

Millicent's Goal $1,700 $3,000 $3,000
5 girls educated!

I'm wearing a
school dress because

As an avid feminist, the fight for gender equality is incredibly importance to me. As the rate of gender disparity in education globally is worryingly high, working to educate girls and women is a vital step in the advancement of feminism. The prospect of making a tangible contribution in the movement towards a better, more equal world for women really excites me.

My Supporters

$100 from Charles Conway
Supporting you in this great cause! Love from the Conway family.
$100 from Sophie Loughran
Hi Mim we're all admiring you and Elliott in your dresses. Congratulations on your great fundraising effort.
Lots of love airlie John Holly Richard Sophie & Joe
$95 from Naomi Ey
Getting you to the half way mark.
$100 from Elliott Sarre
$30 from Kerry Janssan
$100 from Loris Stuckey
Love grandma x
$100 from Bethany Seefeldt
Good luck with your campaign Millicent! Happy to support such a worthy cause!! #girlpower
$30 from Anonymous
$30 from Belinda Smith
$10 from Anonymous
$100 from Debra Sarre
Go girl!
$55 from Angus Smith
Love your big heart Mim, always wanting to help others.
Best wishes for your goal
$30 from Millicent Sarre
$30 from Dharini Rajaramanan
This is awesome Mim!!! Keep it up xx
$55 from Shelley Crooks
$30 from Mitchell Smith
Amazing cause, amazing human
$15 from Kristin Stefanoff
$150 from Hannah Tulip
Women's rights AND education! Two of my favourite things and two great causes
$100 from Sam Rooke
Looks like you turned out pretty well- great effort! Who would have thought all those years ago?!
$30 from Emma Humphreys
One world, one future. :)
$50 from Sharon Boyd
You don't know me Mim.....I met you when you were tiny. I love this cause you are raising money for. Thank you for caring for these girls xx
$50 from Sanita Grover
The Effort required to Overcome Cultural Status Quo is Imperative.
$20 from Zak Vasiliou
You're an actual angel
$20 from Shar Francis
Love you fantastic girl! With you all the way!
$100 from Dylan Rufus
Such an amazing cause! Just need a pretty big dress and I'm ready!!
$30 from Elizabeth Willow
Great cause!
$20 from Justin Pontier
So very proud of you and all that you do to help support others! Keep being a beautiful inspiration :)
$100 from Warwick Sarre
Go Mim!

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Just $300 provides an education for one girl in Africa.

Millicent only needs $1300 more to reach their goal.




Our scholarships give a girl everything she needs for school.

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Equipping girls with business skills and life skills to start a business.

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School awesomisation

Making schools safe for girls (and boys), building new classrooms and toilets.

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Lack of sanitary products can keep girls out of school. LaunchPad changes that, and empowers female entrepreneurs too.

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Goal $1,700 $3,000 $3,000

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