Penny Masefield

is doing it in a dress

Penny's goal$1,500 $3,155
10 girls educated!

I'm wearing a school dress because...

Education gives people hope and it gives people options. Girls should not be marrying men who are old enough to be their grandfather and they should not be having children when they are only children themselves.
We are going to climb to Everest Base Camp in school dresses because we believe every girl should have a chance to go to school.
$300 gets a girl educated, why wouldn't you?


$500 from William Cowan Keep up this terrific effort Penny. Well done!!
$500 from Jannine Fraser Congratulations Penny!

We're all so proud of your wonderful achievement and support of this worthy cause.
We can't wait to hear all about your adventure!

- From the team at Directioneering
$55 from Aimee Samuels-Meens Superstar! Amazing effort Penny! :-)
$30 from Lilian Ong
$60 from Sharon Knighton So you've just hit your overall target now!
$300 from Matthew Sillis It's amazing what you do Penny! So proud of you and good luck :) x
$55 from Suzanne Henry Good Luck Penny!!
$55 from Lisa Davies Great effort Penny.
$50 from Lynne Williams I'm so proud of you and Mark. Happy and safe climbing.
$30 from Maria Chan
$55 from Louise Craw Go Penny!
$100 from Heather Parkinson Go Penny!
$30 from HILARY LAW Good luck! Hope it's heaps of fun!
$55 from Rachel Dorian
$100 from Maddie Hanover Go Penny! You'll kick ass on Everest BC :)
$100 from Laurie Wood Great effort Penny
$55 from Arwen Bardsley You're amazing, Penny!
$55 from Kristin Bell Well done on your support and dedication to this incredible cause Penny. I look forward to hearing about your trip and seeing photos.
$40 from Trudy Johnston You're an inspiration Penny! Good luck :)
Trudy x
$150 from Peter Shellie Penny, what an amazing adventure and for such a good cause - and "doing it in dress"

Good luck Maike
$55 from Sally Taylor Go Penny! You can do it and what a great cause - good luck! Sally x
$55 from Kim Daglish You go girl! You're an inspiration- xxx
$100 from Carey Hawker Go Penny! such a great cause.
$100 from Jennifer Hartley You are inspirational Penny! We are all behind you.
$30 from Sharon Bragg What a great initiative Penny, happy to contribute, Sharon B
$55 from Tobias Barton Nice work penny!!
$30 from Tina Stewart
$300 from Daniel Mcneil What a great cause. Keep making this world a better place, Penny.
$55 from Anonymous She believed she could so she did :)
Good luck x

Every donation makes a difference

Just $300 provides an education for one girl in Africa.

Penny has made $1655 more than their goal.




Our scholarships give a girl everything she needs for school.

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Equipping girls with business skills and life skills to start a business.

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School awesomisation

Making schools safe for girls (and boys), building new classrooms and toilets.

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Lack of sanitary products can keep girls out of school. LaunchPad changes that, and empowers female entrepreneurs too.

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My Team:

GOAL$3,000 $4,405
Penny & Mark - Everest BC
Penny & Mark - Everest BC received $55 from Anonymous
Penny & Mark - Everest BC
Penny & Mark - Everest BC received $55 from Emma
Penny & Mark - Everest BC
Penny & Mark - Everest BC received $55 from Edward
Penny & Mark - Everest BC
Penny & Mark - Everest BC received $55 from Phuong


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