Sharla Kilpatrick

is doing it in a dress

Sharla's Goal $596 $600 $600
1 girl educated!

I'm wearing a
school dress because

I want to support others who have not lived with the privileges I take for granted.

My Supporters

$46 from Sharla Kilpatrick
From FSSA nut Eaters
$60 from Sharla Kilpatrick
From the FSSA nut eaters
$20 from Carolyn Bird
Good luck with the half marathons!
$70 from Sharla Kilpatrick
From the FOSSA nut eaters

Thank You!
$30 from Damien Abarno
$100 from Sharla Kilpatrick
$85 from the FSSA nut eaters + $15 from RC Thank You!
$70 from Sharla Kilpatrick
From the FSSA nut eaters plus $10 from Linda Wurfel :-)
$30 from Sharla Kilpatrick
From the FSSA nut eating crew!
$60 from Jenny Kayser
You Go Girl!!
$25 from Kareana Uern
Great work Sharla!! Good luck completing the marathons
$30 from Michael Cook
Good luck Sharla!
$55 from Tanya McKew
Good luck Sharla!

Every donation makes a difference

Just $300 provides an education for one girl in Africa.

Sharla only needs $4 more to reach their goal.




Our scholarships give a girl everything she needs for school.

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Equipping girls with business skills and life skills to start a business.

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School awesomisation

Making schools safe for girls (and boys), building new classrooms and toilets.

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Lack of sanitary products can keep girls out of school. LaunchPad changes that, and empowers female entrepreneurs too.

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