Hey, We're
Team Global Parkour


Our goal $9,000 $4,794
15 girls educated!

We're wearing school dresses because...

We're always up for a challenge. Because we care, because we're strong, because we can. Because the greatest parkour jams are not only fun but motivating, inspiring, fueling a positive energy that's contagious. And if you can help even one person have a better future just by doing what you love - why wouldn't you?

Full event details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/330062877336986/


$400 from Anonymous Love from Newcastle Parkour
$55 from Anonymous Cash donations to the CPK jam
$55 from Vicki Renner Amy - such huge wonderfulness what you do! Wish I could have joined you... but maybe next year!
$1,200 from Mathew Thong Great work hun! Keep up the good work!!
$40 from Newcastle Parkour Love from Newcastle xx
$55 from Soo Sun Leong Love the cause Amy! Hope this gets you pass your goal. Xo
$8 from Louiseanne Wong I couldn't join any jams in London due to personal and family issues, but am full on supporting your cause Amy!!!
$30 from Emily Gale Go go go, Amy!
$40 from Lachlan Macfarlane
$30 from Annie Xin Excellent work Sophie!
$55 from John Baker :)
Ikm quad for the win
$20 from Lau Hinrup
$20 from Peter Dennis Keep it snazzy.
$55 from Obie Reid Do a flip.
$30 from Caroline Chandler Great work Carlos!
$30 from Aaron Soans Great job Amy!!
$100 from Rachel Palmieri
$5 from luz aponte It is not much but little by little and spreading the word about it i hope the global parkour community get to support this cause
$100 from William Palmieri
$30 from Fiona Read Great to meet you Amy - hope you inspire lots of conversation and action with your school dress parkour this weekend!
$86 from Amy Han Donated as promised on behalf of Chris Martin for his commitment to studying this year!
$100 from Amie Johns Lluka you can do anything, even in a dress!
$20 from Karyn Martinez Awesome work Carlos!
$30 from Christopher Wood
$30 from Suzi Miletic The big day's coming soon!
$55 from David Durie Good on ya Prof. Ried!
$30 from Evelyn Hamlett Great initiative! Good luck!
$300 from Anonymous This is great stuff Carlos! Amazing!
$30 from Michaela Lang
$15 from Steph Radford
$30 from Philippa French What a great cause Carlos, good on you!
$55 from Gina Zouglakis Great cause Carlos!!
$5 from M Noguchi Good on you man!
$100 from Joanne Wade Good on you Lluka!
$30 from Francis Johns Will lava melt polyester?
$20 from Myra Opdyke Go Tukey! :)
$20 from Joan Garvan Good on ya Lluka, more power to you, Hannah Gs mum.
$50 from Di Mead Maybe get dress with should pads :)
$15 from Anonymous
$55 from Elizabeth Hudson well done you
$55 from genelle eaglen All girls deserve an education x
$30 from Cecilia Ton So proud of you, Amy! You truly are an amazing human being! Hope this helps you reach your goal :) xx
$5 from Zoe Deverick When the dress looks that good on him it would be rude not to donate
$10 from Anonymous
$30 from Sarah Habershon This is cool.
$250 from Matthew Webb Such a great cause and glad to see people making a name for parkour practitioners
$30 from Yee-ling K
$10 from Lauren Macklin Good luck Sophie!
$55 from Eleanor Dawkins Lovely cause.
$55 from Kamina Vincent Whooooo!
$30 from Bianca Fileborn Go Soph!!
$20 from Anonymous
$100 from Amber Le Scelle Great cause Bro! Xx
$30 from Shem Le Scelle Go Me!
$55 from Anonymous
$55 from Jee Ngo Chua Amy, good on you
$30 from Bec Gwatkin I seriously love this project! And I'm super excited to jam in my dress :)
$55 from May Yong Good luck amy !
$100 from Anonymous
$300 from Adon Metcalfe
$55 from Carmen Lau Good on you Amy! Good luck with your rehab/training and go hard and high in that dress!

Every donation makes a difference

Just $300 provides an education for one girl in Africa.

Team Global Parkour only needs $4206 more to reach their goal.




Our scholarships give a girl everything she needs for school.

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Equipping girls with business skills and life skills to start a business.

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School awesomisation

Making schools safe for girls (and boys), building new classrooms and toilets.

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Lack of sanitary products can keep girls out of school. LaunchPad changes that, and empowers female entrepreneurs too.

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